Monday, January 24, 2011

The Dark Knight Vs. Catwoman, Bane

Fans of Christopher Nolan's Batman films have been waiting for concrete news on the next sequel pretty much since the day The Dark Knight hit. For a time, it wasn't even definite that Nolan would return, and only recently have such basic details as the title emerged.

But today was a good day for Bat-fans, as WB finally revealed which villains the Caped Crusader will be clashing with in The Dark Knight Rises – Selina Kyle and Bane. The former will be played by Anne Hathaway, who likes to get naked in a lot of her movies recently; and the latter by Inception's Tom Hardy
So what do you think, fandom? Are these the right villains to carry the torch from Joker and Two-Face? Are they the villains you expected? Does Anne Hathaway have the aura of danger, the athleticism, and the sexiness to make us all forget about Michelle Pfeiffer's portrayal?

And does Hardy have what it takes to portray the man who, in one of his early comics appearances, broke Batman's back? Can Bane even bounce back with moviegoers after his poor showing in 1997's Batman & Robin?

And while we referred to Catwoman as a villain, it's entirely possible she'll serve as less of a direct foe to Batman and more of an uneasy ally or possible romantic interest. What do you want to see from Nolan's Catwoman? Deadly femme fatale, or conflicted heroine?

This announcement also serves to dispel some of the many rumors swirling about the project. It's now clear that the recent alleged script leak was a false alarm, as that script had Black Mask, Deadshot, Roland Dagget and a hybrid of The Riddler and Hugo Strange acting as the primary villains. Are you glad that script turned out to be a fake, or would you have liked to see that particular story play out on the big screen? 

And some rumors haven't quite been discredited. Lately, reports have surfaced that Eva Green will be playing Talia al Ghul, daughter of Batman Begins baddie Ra's al Ghul, and also that Naomi Watts will play a love interest to Bruce Wayne. Are you crossing your fingers that those rumors still pan out? Would you like to see Talia join the cast, or will that just put the movie into Spider-Man 3 levels of overcrowding?

I want to hear your opinion on all of the above. Bat-pod down to the comments section to voice your thoughts on all things Dark Knight Rises.

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