Friday, January 14, 2011

The New Spider-Man Revealed!

Sony has released the first official photo of actor Andrew Garfield in costume as the big screen's next Spider-Man.

The image, seen below, shows Garfield in costume but maskless as the friendly neighborhood web-slinger. If you look closely, you can see that he has web-shooters on the underside of his wrists.

The costume looks similar to the one worn by his predecessor, Tobey Maguire, but more streamlined and stylized, particularly the gloves and the spider logo on his chest. 

1 comment:

Patrick D. said...

Dude, where's the web-shooters??
All you can see are tiny points of light reflecting off the leather bits.
Then again, I'm guessing they'll go with that idea. I find it laughable that this guy, (look, costume, everything), looks more like the Ultimate Spider-man continuum than Maguire ever did. Laugh.

Oh god... Emma Stone could've easily pulled off MJ's redness, but a blonde? She looks horrible...
I'm reallllly skeptical about this film. Yes, I am...