Friday, January 14, 2011

Tron 3 Too?

Do you want a Tron: Legacy sequel? Do you care?

In what amounts to a very thin piece from Harry Knowles at AICN, the ultimate Internet fanboy says that he has received word that a third film in the Tron series is "incredibly close to" being announced.

Legacy's lukewarm critical reception and not-exactly-stellar box office notwithstanding, a sequel isn't out of the question -- and, of course, was Disney's ultimate plan when they decided to revisit the 30-year-old series. Franchise, baby, franchise!

Knowles points out that the film is on the verge of hitting $300 million worldwide, but really, is that enough to justify a third film? The production budget on Legacy was reportedly $170 million (and that of course doesn't include marketing and prints and all that jazz), and despite AICN's assertion to the contrary, those light cycle toys and Jeff Bridges action figures haven't exactly been flying off shelves.

Maybe it's all a bid to build buzz for the Blu-ray release of Legacy and the long-MIA original film. Or maybe Knowles knows what he's talking about. Doesn't mean it's a good idea, though.

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