Monday, March 28, 2011

Clash of the Titans Sequel begins production. One of the main characters will not be returning.

The Clash of the Titans sequel has begun production this week and the plot for the film has also been revealed. Plus, one of the lead characters of the first film has been revealed to not be returning in the sequel.

The film, previously reported to be called Wrath of the Titans but simply called Clash of the Titans 2 in today's Warner Bros. press release, is being directed by Jonathan Liebesman (Battle: Los Angeles). Sam Worthington of course is back as Perseus, but Gemma Arterton, who played Io in the first film, apparently will not be back. Which kind of makes sense anyway, since her character was originally meant to be killed before a new ending was tacked onto the first picture. 

Liam Neeson, Danny Huston and Ralph Fiennes are all returning to the cast, while Rosamund Pike joins the group as Andromeda (replacing Alexa Davalos from the original), Edgar Ramirez plays Ares, Toby Kebbell takes on Argenor and Bill Nighy is Hephaestus.

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