Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jack Ryan Reboot Delayed. Star Trek Sequel Warp Speed Ahead.

Paramount Pictures has opted to push back its plans to shoot Moscow, the big screen relaunch of its Jack Ryan franchise set to star Chris Pine as the Tom Clancy creation, in favor of putting Star Trek 2, also starring Pine, on the fast track for a fall shoot.

Citing script delays on the Jack Ryan reboot -- which saw its screenwriter, Steven Zaillian, back out in the last few weeks -- Deadline reports that the Trek sequel will begin filming this fall in order to make its previously announced June 29, 2012 release date. That's a breakneck schedule worthy of X-Men: First Class!

The site adds that Paramount is still waiting for J.J. Abrams to decide whether or not he'll return to direct Trek 2.

As for Jack Ryan's return, Deadline says the "launching point of the film is one that gets a mention in Clancy's The Hunt for Red October, in the book and the original film that starred Alec Baldwin. It has to do with a terrifying helicopter crash that nearly killed Ryan when he was a 23-year old platoon leader in the US Marines. He was the only member of the platoon to survive. Insiders tell me that an okay version of Ryan could have been put into production this year, but the priority is more about launching a new franchise then filling a release slot."

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